During 2017 Carlos Tarrasón constructed a collective strategy of economic development of the municipality together with the public and private representatives. The work was to characterize and evaluate the development potential of the clusters of the municipality of Brumadinho to prioritize and organize collective efforts.

Brumadinho is a municipality that has historically developed with the extraction of minerals due to its extensive mineral wealth but this strategy has been depleted given the fall in the price of minerals and the limitation of them. Brumadinho has assets and vocation to structure clusters of sustainable tourism (it has beautiful mountains and recognized gastronomy), of cultural industries (it is part of the history of construction of Minas Gerais) and creative (musical and other arts), as well as environmental technologies (to compensate mining activity with environmental recovery and to preserve the unique iron ecosystem as well as its richness in aquifers that supplies Belo Horizonte).

The conclusion of the project recommends focusing initially on the work of consolidation of tourism cluster since Brumadinho has vocation and is a growing activity with impact in the region, incorporating cultural assets as tourist attractions, and also incorporating environmental assets and good practices as tourist attractions for collective education. In the medium term, it is also recommended the structuring of the environmental technologies cluster by encouraging the development of innovative companies and projects in the region that increase their attractiveness and are examples to replicate in Brazil.

Project financed by the IADB and supported by Inhotim. See last workshop presentation here.