The 17th May 2018, Carlos Tarrasón presented in the webinar "Strategy construction of a cluster initiative I" where he shared his experience with the Latin American TCI members. Carlos Tarrasón is the Brazil representative in this chapter and helps to communicate the concept and best practices in clusters.  See presentation here





On March 1 and 2, 2018, Carlos Tarrasón spoke at the GTECS Chile about the RIS3 / smart specialization policy in Brazil. The event aimed to promote the debate on subnational competitiveness and the knowledge about the different methodologies in the elaboration of reports, measurements and agendas of competitiveness in the provinces, states, subregions, and cities among South American agents. See more details here.





On November 23rd of 2017, the company's director Carlos Tarrasón ministered a presentation in the industrial city of Contagem about the New Industrial Revolution, explaining the concept, the new technologies and its applications, new business models, examples in the whole world and in Brazil and reflected about what are the opportunities for the micro and small enterprises in this new industry context.

Carlos Tarrasón, director of Cluster Consulting, participated in the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Forum in Lima, Peru. The event took place on November 16 and 17, 2017, and had Global and Local Policies and Economic Instruments for Strengthening Stakeholder Capability in Cluster Promotion. Carlos was the moderator of the panel Latin America: Case Studies, in which were presented successful clusters from in Peru and Vietnam.


During the days 7 and 9 of November 2017, we participated in the XX World Cluster Conference of TCI, organized by TCI in Bogotá, Colombia. Carlos Tarrasón, CEO of Cluster Consulting, made a presentation on the 3rd day with the experience of the company on the following topic: "Promote entrepreneurship through cluster initiatives". 


During the 30th October 2017 took place in the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG) a strategy and competitiveness course through the partnership with UFMG Consultoria Jr. (UCJ). Working on a real cluster initiative case with 30 students from the Economics an Business School (FACE-UFMG).

The 17th October 2017 Carlos Tarrasón presented and validated with Brumadinho representatives the strategy for the sustainable tourism and cultural and creative industries clusters. Project financed by the IADB and supported by Inhotim. See presentation here.   

On August 29th of 2017, we participated in the SEBRAE-MG internal training journey about how to develop the territorial vocations and their relations with the smart specialization policies. Carlos Tarrasón, the director of Cluster Consulting, presented examples of how to address the development politicies.

On April 5, 2017, Carlos Tarrasón led the workshop 1 "Increasing the impact and sustainability of cluster organizations" at a one-day workshop "How to manage a cluster initiative: from plans to actions", led by the Chamber of Commerce from Medellín to Antioquia, TCI Network Latin America Chapter and the Cluster community of Medellín. Participants included directors and group leaders from around 15 cities in Colombia and representatives from Ecuador. It was another step in strengthening the sustainability of clusters and their impact on regional competitiveness in Latin America.

During the 24th  November of 2016 took place in the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG) a strategy and competitiveness course through the partnership with UFMG Consultoria Jr. (UCJ). Working on a real cluster initiative case with 22 students from the Economics an Business School (FACE-UFMG).

During the 8th and 10th November 2016 Carlos Tarrasón participated in the 19th TCI Global Conference on Clusters, organized by TCI in Eindhoven, Holland. Carlos presented the experience of the company on the topic: "Inovation in Food Clusters in Minas Gerais". More information about the event at the link: 

Boyang Xue and Carlos Tarrasón publish this article to present food trade opportunities for Minas Gerais and Brazil in China. Our aim is to enhance the dialogue about how to create value in Brazil and insert our companies in global value chains targeting the Chinese market. This is a new opportunity for the Brazilian economic development that we have to take advantage of. See article.